Different types of locksmith service

Locksmith is a highly demanded service these days. There are a number of ways how locksmiths can help you out. This service generally relates to maintaining and installing different types of locks and lock systems from simple and standard door locks to complex and complicated electronic locks. Locksmiths in Kaufman County usually provide the services in the following ways:

Locksmiths in Kaufman County


Residential service:

Residential locksmith service is the most common type of locksmith service available. Most of the times, people accidentally lock themselves out of their houses and such incidents require the assistance of a residential locksmith. Therefore, most service providers operate 24 hours a day and provide emergency locksmith service. First the locksmiths try to open the locks but if needed they break the locks and then install new locks in place. Some locksmiths are more experienced than the others and can open the doors in minimum time frame. Therefore, before hiring a locksmith make sure that you hire one with years of experience so you can have a fast and quick service.


As many people lock themselves out of their houses, many people lock themselves out of their vehicles also. Also, nowadays the cars in the market are operated by electronic keys and people rely on these smarts keys to unlock the cars. If there is a default in the keys, the car doors won’t open. Under such conditions you require the services of a locksmith who is expert in managing electronic locks and keys and who would be able to work on your particular make and model of the car. Auto locksmith is a difficult trade due to having to work with a range of vehicle models which usually come with complex lock mechanisms. These locksmiths are different than residential locksmiths although they provide 24 hours emergency services too.

Commercial service:

Commercial locksmiths are more experienced than residential locksmiths and they work on higher levels. They are usually involved with working on larger sized security systems which might include the needs of an entire office building, retail establishments, corporate places and schools. Commercial locksmiths have to take into consideration the various entry and exit points and they have to work to devise plans and strategies to make sure that the door security system they provide keep the building safe and secure and doesn’t leave any loopholes. Installing a security system in a commercial property is likely to be a highly complex practice with a need to overcome issues such as having multiple access points, offering different access levels for staff members, using key, fingerprint or biometric based locks and providing effective security after-hours. Commercial locksmith service is also more expensive that residential locksmiths.



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